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  • Too few with "Skin in the Game"

    I tell you, it is not good news when in our country more people owe zero tax than those that do. In 2009 IRS data shows that 51% of households in our grand country owed zero income tax. In fact, according to Kiplinger's, 30% received refunds. Due to refundable tax credits, a big one being the Earned Income Credit, 30% of households not only did not owe any tax, but got money back!

    It is a crying shame. Without skin in the game there are too many with less motivation than ever to see our tax system reformed or even better, replaced. Certainly change can still happen, I really believe that, but a majority of our households have less reason than ever to vote for such change.

    Look, no whining here and no downcast expression. I don't do those...big waste of time and emotion. But we should all give pause and ponder the state of our tax system as a huge indicator of the reason why big government does not work.

    Raymond Branton | 06/27/2011